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How Long Will an Inflatable Boat Last?

How long will an inflatable boat last?

It depends on how you use an inflatable boat. A boat that’s used once a year won’t hold up as well as one that’s being used multiple times every summer. Most manufacturers suggest that inflatable boats should be cleaned and inspected before each use, which will extend their lifespan even further. If an inflatable is […]

Are Inflatable Boats Good for Ice Fishing?

Are inflatable boats good for ice fishing?

No, unless you want to risk getting stranded on a frozen lake. An inflatable boat is unsuitable for winter or fishing in cold waters – small cracks can form along seams and compromise your boat’s structure. So if you’re ice fishing in northern states like Alaska, where temperatures drop as low as 40 below zero, […]

Are Inflatable Boats Worth It?

Are inflatable boats worth it?

One of the most common questions about inflatable boats is: are they worth it? With a basic level of safety guidelines knowledge and proper maintenance of your boat, it’s absolutely possible to have a fantastic time on an inflatable boat they offer loads of opportunities for adventure! So, are Inflatable Boats worth it? Inflatable boats are […]

How Safe are Inflatable Boats?

How safe are inflatable boats?

Inflatable boats offer a sense of freedom to go wherever you want within a short time. Unlike other traditional crafts, inflatable ones have been tested in all conditions, whether it is seawater or a rivers. Are Inflatable Boats Safe? Yes, they are. Modern inflatable boats are made of high-quality materials and are durable and resistant […]

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