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How Do you Patch an Inflatable Boat?

How do you patch an inflatable boat?

You can use several options for repairing an inflatable boat. Note that many different types of glue on the market will work for your boat but won’t last long. Choose among quality products and make sure it is suitable for your boat. You can use urethane adhesive (excellent for PVC and urethane), Stabond adhesive (PVC, […]

What are Inflatable Boats Made Of?

What are inflatable boats made of?

The most common material for inflatable boats is high-density polyethylene. This kind of fabric offers stability and protection from punctures. Still, it is lightweight enough to help save on overall boat weight. Some inflatables also use vinyl or PVC—polyvinyl chloride—though these materials are heavier and not as durable. Another option is a hybrid material made […]

Why do People Buy Inflatable Boats?

Why do people buy inflatable boats?

There are many benefits to using inflatable boats as your primary source of transportation. First, inflatable boats are much less expensive than traditional wooden boats. A high-quality inflatable can cost as little as $2,000 for an outboard engine and all necessary safety equipment. In contrast, a similar-sized wooden boat will easily cost three times more. […]

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