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Inflatable Boat Accessories

Navigator Inflatable boats store offers a wide range of reliable and high-quality accessories for inflatable boats. Various types of pumps, wheels, soft seats, bags, trailers, covers for motors, tents are available in different parameters. These dinghy accessories are aimed at expanding the possibilities of the essential equipment and enhancing the design. They provide an excellent level of comfort and make nautical tourism much safer. All inflatable boat supplies you can see on our company website are produced by well-known brands and are notable for their quality and long service life.

What to consider when shopping

The bags for food, water and first aid kit allow keeping all the necessary things easily accessible. Different types of pumps provide you with high performance and help to set up your dinghy boat without much trouble. High-pressure foot pumps and hand pumps are easy to use and take approximately 20 minutes to inflate your small fishing boat to the required pressure. A high capacity per minute characterizes electric turbo plumps, that’s why the process of pumping air takes less time.

Another inflatable boat parts you need are wheels for easy moving your dinghy to and from the water. We also offer durable, lightweight and easy-to-install seats, thanks to which you can spend many hours on the water comfortably. The models with the backrest can be arranged in different positions. Apart from inflatable boat accessories, you may also find various types of Outboard Motors based on the latest technologies. Feel free to contact our customer service and ask if you search what to shop or looking for an exact brand or price range and need assistance.