Are Inflatable Boats Good for Ice Fishing?

Are inflatable boats good for ice fishing?

No, unless you want to risk getting stranded on a frozen lake. An inflatable boat is unsuitable for winter or fishing in cold waters – small cracks can form along seams and compromise your boat’s structure. So if you’re ice fishing in northern states like Alaska, where temperatures drop as low as 40 below zero, inflatables are a bad choice. If ice fishing extends into the winter months—or if you live somewhere with warm winters—inflatables may be suitable for use year-round.

Inflatable boats are made from synthetic rubber compounds known as Hypalon or PVC. These materials are not meant to withstand freezing temperatures. That’s why inflatable boats are not ideal for wintry conditions and ice fishing. In fact, Hypalon material can crack in freezing weather, as well as PVC.

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