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Boat Tables

If you’re in Canada or the United States and looking to purchase a boat table specifically designed for inflatable boats, you’ve come to the right place. Navigator is renowned for offering a wide variety of accessories for smaller boats and inflatables in North America.

Navigator boat tables are constructed from Finnish waterproof plywood, ensuring durabile solid table base and resistance to water damage. Designed to be quickly and easily mounted on an inflatable PVC boat, our boat tables provide a convenient and multi-functional platform for your fishing and boating needs.

Featuring a thoughtful design, marine tables offer several key functionalities. It includes a designated space for a battery, allowing you to power your sonar equipment without any hassle. Additionally, our table system options provide a stable monitor platform, enabling you to mount your fishfinder or other electronic devices securely.

Fish Finder and Rod Holder Table Mount

Understanding the importance of fishing convenience, our boat tables serve as an additional available space for your fishing rods. This allows you to keep your rods easily accessible and within reach, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable fishing experience. The table is designed to accommodate a fishfinder, allowing you to accurately locate fish and explore underwater environments.

Purchasing a marine table with Navigator, you get a comprehensive set that includes a groove for attaching the lower part of the table. This ensures a secure and stable installation, giving you peace of mind during your boating adventures.

Whether you’re in Canada or the United States, our boat tables are readily available for purchase. Enhance your inflatable boat with this practical accessory today!

Alongside the boat tables, Navigator offers a vast selection of other accessories, including fishfinder mounts, pumps, bags, wheels, equipment, fittings, and various attachments for your boat. Dedicated to providing a diverse range of high quality products, we ensure that you’ll find everything you need to customize and optimize your inflatable boat experience.

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