Boat Transom Wheels Crabzz CRB B-TK

$ 175 + HST/GST

Crabzz CRB B-TK transom wheels are very popular among motor boat owners. With their help, you can effortlessly transport an already assembled and complete PVC boat, even with an outboard motor installed on it!

Thanks to the inflatable wheels with a tractor tread, the transom wheels of the Crabzz have a high passability on the sandy, rocky and grassy banks. After launching the boat into the water, the wheels are easily lifted and fixed with dowels, and in order to pull the craft out of the water, you just need to lower the wheels to the lower position, fix with dowels and you can easily roll the boat out of the water.

The use of such a useful accessory will make the process of launching a boat into the water and vice versa a very comfortable and exciting experience.

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