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You have never been on a boat before? The fear of being trapped at sea? With our inflatable dinghies, anyone can enjoy the water in safety. We use marine-grade plywood instead of aluminum, so these boats are light enough to carry easily but durable enough for years of enjoyment!

We provide our customers to buy inflatable dinghy boats for fishing, leisure time and boat trips. Our lightweight dinghies are notable for their original shapes and excellent durability. Dinghy boats are very light as we use marine-grade plywood instead of aluminum for the floor construction. This material is covered in waterproof layers that help protect the boat’s bottom from oxidation. Due to the lightweight, you can cruise with all the items you need onboard and enjoy convenience while transporting.

Inflatable Dinghy Models

Inflatable boats come in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest to the largest. There are inflatable dinghies to suit any budget.

All our inflatable boats feature a combination of appealing design and high-tech construction features. The Navigator inflatable boat tender’s raised forebody enhances navigation characteristics, enabling you to go into the sail mode using outboard engines with minimal horsepower. Another noticeable feature on all our dinghies is the narrower diameter of the tubes closer to the nose. This form of tube enhances navigation and boating. Separated inflatable sections also characterize Navigator inflatable dinghy models.

Roll up Inflatable Dinghies

Whichever activity you or your passengers enjoy, adventurous trips or a laid-back holiday on the water, Navigator Inflatable Boats’ roll-up dinghies are sure to satisfy your needs. They won’t pose any problems when it comes to assembly and transporting. Our inflatable dinghy boats are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of design optimization, enhanced maneuverability and added safety for our tender dinghies.

PVC Dinghy

Navigator Inflatable Boats was the first company in this industry to use heat welding technology. This technology allows us to decrease connecting seams on the hull. Unlike glued seams, heat-welded seams are firm and elastic, providing extra security for each inflatable tender dinghy and minimizing leakage. It also allows us to lower the water-resistance of PVC dinghy boats once they enter glide mode.

Inflatable Dinghy for Sale

Are you searching for an inflatable boat? Navigator Company is proud to offer a large selection of different types of dinghies for sale! Whether you’re looking for Motor Boats, Motor Boats with Keel, Rowing Boats or Rigid inflatable Boats, we’ve got what you need! We’re committed to meeting all your boating needs and want nothing more than to provide you with the perfect experience. Browse our website, check out our gallery, pick out your favourite boat, or give us a call if you have any questions!