Book-Type Floor & Keel (LP-BK series)

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Book-Type Floor Inflatable Boats with Keel

Are you looking to purchase an Inflatable Motor Boat with Half-Book Floor in Canada or the United States?

Navigator’s newest line of inflatable keel motorboats is available for purchase at our store! Explore the selection of branded models of book-type bottom inflatable boats with a keel, including the Navigator LP-BK series. Find your perfect 3 person inflatable boat from our range of boats, including the Navigator LP-BK series.

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Inflatable boats of the Navigator LP-B series consist of four sections. A book-type floor system for inflatable boats drastically speeds up the boatbuilding process. The front part of the half-book has an anti-slip coating, which allows you to move freely around it. We also use 9mm thick, watertight plywood interconnected by PVC tapes. Finally, you can choose outboard motors for Navigator LP-B-series motorboats.

The Inflatable Keel

The keel on these book-type floor inflatable boats provides a very stable moving. The nose doesn’t take off from the water surface even at high speeds, making it safer and smoother and improving navigation and turning.

Outboards for Navigator LP-BK-series Inflatable Boats

If you are going to place an order for a half-book boat with a motor and keel, you can add the engine type relevant to your needs. In addition to very compact dimensions, all our outboard engines have a perfect balance between power and weight.

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