Book-Type Floor without Keel (LP-B series)

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The Newer, More Spacious and Comfortable Book-Type Floor Inflatable Boats

Are you looking to purchase an inflatable boat with half-book floors in Canada or the United States? Take a look at the Navigator LP-B series of book-type floor dinghies! 

Comparison chart of Navigator Motor Inflatable Boats with Book Type floor with Keel LP-BK series.

A book-style bottom for inflatable boats significantly speeds up the assembly process of the boat. The front part of the half-book has an anti-slip coating, allowing you to move freely around it. Navigator LP-B-series inflatable boats consist of four sections. The material is 9-mm thick, moisture-resistant plywood interconnected by PVC tapes. 

Outboard motors for Navigator LP-B-series

When you order a half-book floor boat with a motor, you can add the type of engine that is relevant to your needs. The perfect balance between power and weight makes our outboard engines stand out from the rest!

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