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A Guide for Safe Boating

Safety Before You Go Boating

Safety Before You Go Boating

If you’re one of the 4 million Canadians who go boating each year, you’re likely to enjoy beautiful scenery and making the most of great weather, fishing or family time. To reduce the potential risks associated with recreational activities on the water, it is important to be thoroughly prepared before boating and perform a safety […]

Boat Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment for Inflatable Boats

Boat Safety Equipment Whether you’re using your inflatable boat as a pleasure craft for fishing and day cruising or a non-pleasure vessel for guided trips and commercial rides, remember always to pack essential safety gear. Meeting the safety equipment requirements is essential. If something occurs on the water, having the right equipment on board will […]

Things to Know Before Buying an Inflatable Boat

things to know to buy inflatable boat

Originally designed as a high-performance rough-water rescue craft, today, inflatable boats are a versatile way to get around in the water. They are used by anglers and hunters, emergency response services and rescuers, and just lovers of a relaxing holiday on the water. Inflatable boats are comfortable, reliable and economical; they have many advantages over […]

Licensing and Registering Your Inflatable Boat

licence an inflatable boat

Owning an inflatable boat is not only enjoyment but also a lifestyle. You can fish, go on trips, take boat trips with friends or be alone in the endless water. So, you have already chosen the most suitable pleasure craft for your needs. The first stage of its legalization is the Hull Identification Number, which […]

Hull Identification Number (HIN)

hin number on boat

What is the HIN Number on a Boat? A HIN number (Hull Identification Number) is a unique 12-character identification code that is assigned to a boat or vessel. The HIN number is the boat’s identifier and can be used for various purposes – including registration, insurance, and theft prevention. It is usually located on the […]

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