Does an inflatable boat need a keel?

does inflatable boat need a keel

The keel is an essential part of a sailboat, but it’s more like icing on top of a cake on an inflatable boat. On that note, one wouldn’t say that boats don’t need icing because they absolutely do! However, an inflatable doesn’t need a keel to stay upright and maneuver just as easily through the water. If you want to add keels to your PVC boats for extra stability or simply for aesthetic purposes, feel free! They aren’t needed but can be excellent additions.

While inflatable boats don’t need keels, we certainly recommend them for a bit of extra stability. You can indeed get away without one. For example, in primarily calm waters or during warm summer days, you might prefer to go without a keel if it means saving weight or increasing your speed. However, if you run into choppy waters while using an inflatable boat, some extra weight at the bottom of your craft will help balance out your ride and give you a little more control.

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