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Electric Outboards


Electric Trolling Motors

Electric outboards are general purpose and are suitable for different situations, such as pulling or pushing. You can use trolling outboard boat motors on dinghies, pontoon boats or even small sailing vessels.

Electric outboard motors operate on deep-discharge batteries with long battery life (GEL, AGM) of 12 V individually or in series to increase the voltage. Also, trolling outboards can work on Lithium-Ion batteries. We do not recommend using car batteries because they provide a maximum charge only when you start the engine and require a generator. You can turn the electric motor on and off frequently to adjust the boat’s position. The outboard motorhead contains an electronic circuit board that controls its functions.

Hints when choosing an electric outboard motor

Shaft Length

The choice of the shaft length depends on the operating environment of the boat. When you operate the raft in an environment where waves are often present, we suggest choosing the longer shaft so the prop remains below the water.

The material used for the shaft also plays a key role. It can be stainless steel, aluminum, chrome or composite. In poor operating conditions, graphite composite material wins because it is incredibly resistant.

Trolling motor type

The trolling motor you choose depends on where you are going to use it. There are only two types: Freshwater and saltwater. The difference between these outboards is the material used to build them. Saltwater motor contains material that repels corrosion brought by the saltwater of the ocean.

Trolling motors for sale

Navigator inflatable Boats offer different varieties of electric outboards. Here you will find motors we describe as best quality and performance due to 15 years of experience. Feel free to contact our customer service office for a consultation or visit our store and explore boating with us.