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What Is An Electricat?

Introducing the Electricat – a light and efficient inflatable solar catamaran boat designed for calm Canadian rivers and lakes.

This solar-powered electric catamaran is a perfect inflatable boat for your whole family & friends to enjoy. Electricat 450 requires no extra storage space and can be packed into a car trunk. Being a lightweight electric watercraft, it provides plenty of space and extraordinary efficiency compared to other inflatable boats of this type. Its roof provides a great view and plenty of space to use. With additional blinds, however, both the roof and transparent windows cast great shade and protect against sun or bad weather. Install solar panels on the roof and utilize a wireless, renewable solar sailing capacity.

Not Just an Eye-Catcher: Electricat Key Features

With a 1 kW outboard motor, Electricat models reach a maximum speed of 4-6 knots or 7-10 km/h. The expected solar speed is 3 knots, 5 km/h, comfortable for a cruise of at least 50 km. Other technical characteristics of Electricat, like the length of the hull, draft, and number of inflatable tube compartments, ensure the safety and maneuverability of the watercraft. The Electricat inflatable watercrafts are certified and run on both solar power and any motor up to 10HP. For maximum efficiency, we recommend pairing it with the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus 1kW electric motor

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