Navigator inflatable boats are military-style and quality masterpieces. Navigator boat models for more than 15 years are popular with lovers of fishing, as well as water recreation for high quality and reliability.

Today Navigator has a variety of more than 50 various products, mainly inflatable boats and RIBs. Using modern design ideas combined with high-tech manufacturing allows us to have excellent performance and durability characteristics. Navigator boats have an original shape, high quality standards and something more than just a regular inflatable boat brand – we care about our customers and strive to empower those who love being on water. 

Navigator boats have multiple European certificates and were battle tested for more than a decade. 

Our models are optimized for the BEST performance to achieve most optimal output. We use marine-grade Plywood, covered with additional waterproof varnish layers, instead of weighty aluminium floors, which oxidize relatively quick. This means you can take more weight on-board and it is easier to install the boat and transport it! Black boats are not very practical for every-day fishing needs, as such we use alternative colours to preserve the lifetime of the boat and save you from burns on a sunny day.

To balance between performance and durability we’ve chosen a five-layer PVC boat fabric with a density of 850 g/m2 – 1100 g/m2, (manufacturer Shenda Kobond New Material Co., LTD, Shanghai ISO 9001). Hot air welding technology is used to connect straight and circular seams of inflatable balloons. Welds – reliable, monolithic, withstand increased loads and are resistant to temperature extremes. The original design of the cylinders improves the contours of the vessels in terms of their seaworthiness and safety.

All of our models have a very important and unique construction characteristic, namely changeable diameter of the tanks, diminishing from the dinghy stern to its fore body. Besides beautiful and exquisite appearance, such structure in combination with smoothly lifted fore body makes the dinghy well-navigable, capable of entering the gliding mode with the minimum capacity motors. Thus, it allows our customers to save both on motors and the consumed vessel fuel. 

Unique welding techniques allow us to join not only straight parts, but also the tank arches. Its significantly expands the possibilities of the designers while creating new models and allows higher degree of optimization for the vessel lines and increases the navigability and safety of the boat. Besides, such technology makes the seams elastic and solid, providing for almost solid structure of the dinghy. 

Our production was amongst the first in the inflatable boat industry to master and apply the technology of welding the inter-tank partition into the tank corpus and to obtain the reduction of number of the external ring seams located from the dinghy stern to its fore body. Such solution allowed decreasing the water resistance upon entry of the dinghy into the gliding mode and increasing the structure reliability and solidity. 


We offer a high level of customization for our inflatable boats. Pick your colours, PVC accessories like handles, rod/cup holders, organizers for fishing equipment and echo-sounders. You name it – most likely can meet your needs. 


The manufacturer of inflatable boats “Navigator” gives a 5-year guarantee on the material of the body and seams.


For your improved comfort and experience we offer a range of accessories and additional equipment. A large list of accessories and components such as covers for motors, soft seats, tents, various types of wheels for boats and motors. Visit our booth G768 at the Toronto Boat Show 2019 (January 17-26) to see our products in person!