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ePropulsion Outboards

The ePropulsion motors are economical, lightweight and portable electric motors with a power output range from 3 – 10hp. These outboards are lightweight, silent and maneuverable, excellent for fishing. It is worth considering that ePropulsion is the first motor manufacturer to introduce hydrogenation into their motors, allowing them to travel further. 

ePropulsion makes innovative outboards for sailing or fishing that can be installed on dinghies, tenders or, for example, small tourist boats. If you are looking for a safe, quiet, convenient, efficient and small lightweight outboard, then it will work for you perfectly. Pack the outboard motor into your trunk and go on a vacation trip with your family or friends. Explore the nation’s lakes and rivers with safe and comfortable outboards provided by trusted manufacturers.

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ePropulsion Outboards for sale in Canada

Navigator store model range includes Spirit 1.0 Plus or Spirit 1.0 Evo ePropulsion motors. Both outboards types are available with different shaft sizes. 

Spirit Models

Portable (24lbs/11kg) 3hp motors for dinghies, fishing and sailing boats with up to 22-mile range with 1276Wh lithium (19lbs/8.7kg) battery. Engines of such kind are easy to maintain, transport and operate. The ePropulsion outboards are left-handed friendly, equipped with a digital display, electric start and magnetic kill switch, stepless throttle changing and max power output adjustment.

Spirit 1.0 Evo

The difference from Spirit 1.0 Plus is that the battery can charge itself while the boat is sailing under the wind. Thanks to hydrogenation, the motors installed on sailboats have better efficiency in consuming energy. 

Try the new ePropulsion outboards on your inflatable boat! Our reliable motors run fast and are easy to install and operate. You’ll never want to use another outboard motor again!

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