ePropulsion Electric Outboard Accessories

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ePropulsion is a leading provider of electric outboard accessories for boats of all sizes. By choosing ePropulsion outboard accessories, you make your boating experience much more enjoyable, efficient and worry-free.

ePropulsion outboard accessories are perfect for people looking for ways to spend more time on the water. In the Navigator catalogue, you will find the original accessories for ePropulsion outboard motors – fuel tanks, cooling systems, extension kits, filter kits, propellers, remote controls, gauges, and steering systems. All ePropulsion parts are manufactured with high-quality standards and provided by trusted manufacturers.


One of the key offered by ePropulsion is the ePropulsion Spirit lithium batteries. This lithium-ion battery pack is specifically designed to provide steady power for long periods of time. The battery pack is extremely compact and lightweight. It also features advanced safety features, including over-voltage and under-voltage protection, to ensure safe operation.

Remote Control

Another popular accessory offered by ePropulsion is the ePropulsion remote control. These innovative remote controls allow you to easily operate your ePropulsion outboard from a distance, providing greater flexibility and convenience. It features intuitive controls and a clear display, making it easy to navigate and control the speed.

Transportation and Storage

ePropulsion offers a selection of other accessories like waterproof bags and cases for storing electronics and other sensitive items, as well as your safety gear.

ePropulsion Parts

ePropulsion also offers a range of high-quality ePropulsion parts – replacement motors, controllers, and battery chargers, to ensure that your boat is running at peak performance.

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