Flat Bottom, Slatted Floor (LP-S series)

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Slatted Floor Dinghies

Are you planning your next boating adventure? Find an affordable, durable, and easy-to-operate inflatable dinghy with our range of high-quality boats! 

We offer motorized dinghies that come complete with the best features, including the various decks, enhanced stability, and increased comfort. The one with a flat bottom is one of the most versatile boat designs. 

Comparison chart of Navigator Motor Inflatable Boats LP-S series.

Thanks to the newest innovation of flat-bottom inflatable boats, your dream of travelling through different shallow water bodies is now possible! They are very stable, durable, don’t need ample storage space, are easy to carry, and light in weight.

The sleek design of the flat bottomed boat includes durable U-shaped PVC tubes with glued waterproof plywood transoms for an unrivalled shape that maximizes your boating experience. With the optimal geometric ratio of the length and width of a flat deck, you’ll be able to cruise on any water no matter how low your power is!

Slatted floor dinghies are great for fishinghunting, or enjoying calm water. You’ll find that these boats are comfortable in any situation and have room for up to three bench seats.

The two-person inflatable boat is equipped with a slatted floor and can be outfitted with an outboard motor. Plus, the Navigator LP-S series features variable cylinder diameters that decrease from the bow to the stern of the boat. That results in the LP-S inflatable boats having a slightly elevated nose and enhanced stability.

Tender boats with a slatted floor are available with or without an outboard motor. It’s easy to get one of the flat-bottomed inflatable boats for sale at your local dealer in Canada or the USA with our shipping and payment options.

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