Hard Deck & Keel (LK series)

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Hard Bottom Dinghy

Are you looking for hard-bottom inflatable boats for sale?

A rigid deck boat is a craft equipped with several technical solutions to provide you with a smooth motion at high speed. You can feel comfortable in all weather conditions, whether in Canada or the United States waters.

Comparison chart of Navigator inflatable boats with keel LK-series

Hard Bottom Dinghy for Sale

One of the advantages of the Navigator rigid hull bottom inflatable boat is improved navigation due to the tubes’ narrowing diameter closer to the nose and smoothly raised forebody. As a result, the nose doesn’t take off from the water surface even at high speeds. The stern deck floor provides additional comfort and makes the inflatable fishing boat stable and reliable. Moreover, the movement along a short wave becomes softer and more efficient while maintaining high-speed characteristics.

Hard Deck Boat with Keel

Navigator LK-series inflatable boats are equipped with a keel, which provides a very stable moving, the same as a fish’s fin. As a result, the inflatable keels make boats safer and smoother, improving navigation and turning. Get the best deals on six-person inflatable boats with Navigator LK-series models from the manufacturer!

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