How do You Find a Leak in an Inflatable Boat?

How do you find a leak in an inflatable boat?

This is one of those questions that don’t have a right or wrong answer. Finding a leak in an inflatable boat can be as simple as taking a sharp look at your boat and inspecting every inch. Still, some tools and hacks make finding leaks easier. When trying to find a leak, walk your fingers around all of the seams, looking for areas that feel damp. Tap on these areas while listening closely for escaping air. Any air bubbles that come out are indicators of a puncture or weak spot in your inflatable boat.

Another way to find a leak is to use soapy water. If your inflatable has small holes, they will be easy to spot with soap and water because soap makes air bubbles. Just wash away all of the dirt from your boat and then spray it down with soapy water. The air bubbles will make it obvious where cracks or openings in your inflatable boat are. This solution isn’t perfect though: if you have a big puncture or tear somewhere in your raft, you might not see any evidence of it until much later, since a large hole won’t create any bubbles when you use soap and water.

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