How Do you Patch an Inflatable Boat?

How do you patch an inflatable boat?

You can use several options for repairing an inflatable boat. Note that many different types of glue on the market will work for your boat but won’t last long. Choose among quality products and make sure it is suitable for your boat. You can use urethane adhesive (excellent for PVC and urethane), Stabond adhesive (PVC, Urethane, Rubber), Flexible Repair Adhesive ( Neoprene, Hypalon, Latex, PVC, Nylon)

Many manufacturers suggest spot-checking your work by testing glue on a non-visible area of your boat first to ensure no complications. Cement that contains ultraviolet inhibitors can help prevent breakdown from sunlight exposure over time.

Refer to your manual or check with a professional service before applying anything to a leak. The more damage your boat has sustained, and the longer it takes you to fix it, the more likely it is that water will affect other parts of your boat—leading to even bigger problems. To avoid issues with adhesion between patches and adjoining surfaces, consider sanding them down beforehand. However, doing so is time-consuming and easy enough to do yourself if you have the proper tools and patience.

Read more: Inflatable Boats User Manual.

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