How Long Will an Inflatable Boat Last?

How long will an inflatable boat last?

It depends on how you use an inflatable boat. A boat that’s used once a year won’t hold up as well as one that’s being used multiple times every summer. Most manufacturers suggest that inflatable boats should be cleaned and inspected before each use, which will extend their lifespan even further. If an inflatable is maintained correctly, it can last for years with little to no wear and tear. 

While some materials naturally degrade over time (like PVC or rubber), most inflatables have been treated with UV inhibitors to extend their lives outdoors. Of course, there are exceptions—an inflatable may begin losing air slowly because of a puncture wound, but overall, inflatables are incredibly durable! 

Just remember: if your vessel starts developing slow leaks, do not patch them yourself mediately. Better to contact your manufacturer so they can guide you on how to replace any parts that are damaged beyond repair.

Average Lifespan

Average is 10-15 years, but it’s all about conditions. If used almost daily for things like water skiing, wakeboarding, and other sports activities, it will last around 10 years and less. It will lose air slowly through punctures and damage, but that is normal and expected for most inflatables, even newer models. Cheaper models are made of lighter materials with minimal thickness—around half-inch thick—and they aren’t designed for a long service without tearing or stretching its shape.

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