Inflatable Boat for Fishing

Navigator Inflatable Boat for Fishing with Trolling Outboard Motor

Fishing is truly a wonderful hobby. It is not even the result-catch that is important here, but the whole process. Fishing sport is a unique set of valuable pleasures. What other activity will excite and tranquillity alone with nature and heal both the body and the spirit? It is a fact that fishing improves tone and coordination, and trains patience and attention.

Furthermore, it stimulates creative thinking, helps to get rid of routine and relieves the oppression of problems. Well, a boat for fishing, of course, dramatically expands the possibilities of the fisherman. Moreover, inflatable fishing boats provide additional advantages in comparison with solid-hull boats. All that remains is to choose the right inflatable boat – the one that will best suit you.

Are Inflatable Boats Good for Fishing?

Yes! Inflatable boats are a great option for fishing since they are affordable, lightweight, and versatile watercraft. Inflatable boats are manufactured in a range of sizes and designs, including models with rod holders, built-in seats, and storage compartments. However, it’s important to choose an inflatable boat that is stable enough to carry the weight of equipment, supplies, and fish. 

Inflatable Fishing Boats

The inflatable fishing boat models are more compact, lighter, and convenient in transportation and storage than a solid-hull non-folding boat of comparable size. It is much easier to take care of the boat, and it is pretty affordable. In fact, before storing an inflatable boat, it is enough to wash it and let it dry completely. In winter, keep the boat neither in frost nor near a heater, so you won’t experience any fight against rust or cracks and won’t have to do paint jobs. Moreover, the strength and durability of modern, high-quality inflatable boats are at least not inferior to solid-hull vessels, sometimes even surpassing many of them. The same applies to carrying capacity and driving performance.

Choosing Inflatable Boat for Fishing

Do you like fishing in quiet privacy or a company? Which fishing method do you prefer? What bodies of water do you fish on? How will you deliver the boat to the fishing spot? All of these matters.

Therefore, when choosing an inflatable fishing boat, you think over all the nuances and determine fundamentally important ones for you. For example, suppose you prefer classic angling and like to fish for bass alone. In that case, the most compact boat, laconically equipped with the most necessary things, is quite suitable for you.

navigator inflatable boat for sale to buy lp290bk

After all, an inflatable boat allows you to deliver the rig to the desired point, where it is problematic to throw a sinker and feed the fish exactly in the right place. For more comfort, there are Inflatable boats with seats and slate flooring. If you are supposed to get up while fishing, then, of course, you need an inflatable boat with a hard floor.

Inflatable Boat Navigator LK 300

If you like to have some additional room, then two seats inflatable boat will be more convenient when fishing alone. Choose a three-seater boat if you prefer to fish together comfortably.

lk330 inflatable boat navigator for sale hard deck with keel motor boat power

Another important question – do you need rowing or motor boats for fishing? And if it is a motor – which one? If you like to travel fast and do not constantly paddle, your choice is a motorized boat. If your method of fishing does not require sailing under a motor, then a motorized inflatable boat is useless. Remember that you cannot turn a rowing boat into a motorboat by simply equipping it with a hinged transom. Rowing boats are still different, even if they look similar at first glance to “the same” but with a hinged transom. They contain other technical parameters, and their conversion into motorboats threatens operational problems.

Motor performance

First of all, high speed is not required for trolling. A low-power motor or an electric outboard motor will be fine (often, such motors are called trolling motors). Moreover, such a motor is enough to quickly get from the starting point to your favourite catching places, if the distance is not tens of kilometres. We can consider inflatable boats with a hinged transom in this case. However, no one will forbid choosing a motorboat with a stationary transom. In addition, if you choose such a boat with a solid sectional rigid flooring, you can stand confidently in it and walk around.

Suppose fishing is assumed to overcome rather long distances, or it is fundamentally vital to move faster. In that case, you need to take a motorboat with a more powerful motor. On the other hand, such boats are larger in size and weight. It is good to keep an inflatable boat close to a pond, so a couple of adults can easily carry it to the shore. Otherwise, you will require a car.

However, transportation is the only “weak point” of large inflatable boats with an outboard motor. They are very spacious, roomy, and with a solid carrying capacity. So, if you often fish with a company, this kind of inflatable boat is optimal. For example, in eight-seater Navigator Inflatable Boats, at least four spinners can fish simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Fishing licenses in Canada

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To fish in Canada, like in most countries, you’ll need a permit. Your options and how much they will cost depend on whether you are a non-Canadian, Canadian, or Ontario resident. Which option will work best for you depends mainly on how you plan to fish and how long?

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However, if you’re planning on making a 1-day fishing trip, you don’t need one (as long as you purchase a 1-day sport fishing license). Licenses can be purchased on the above site, helping to make things easy.

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