Inflatable Boat for Hunting

Inflatable Boat for Hunting and Fishing

You know what they say: Hunt or be hunted. But did you know that hunting can be a great way to help the environment? True hunters always think about preserving wildlife populations while ensuring that the numbers don’t get too high. And if you’re not into hunting, you can always try your hand at photography instead!

Goose or duck hunting 

Hunters have long favoured compact and lightweight inflatables. With good functionality, they are also convenient for transportation to hunting places with shallow water and do not complicate camouflage. The inflatable boat is a traditional participant in waterfowl hunting. Even if you do not do waterfowl hunting from a boat, you need it, at least, to place luring scarecrows on the water and pick up a trophy that has fallen into the water. 

And when hunting for a goose, if you prefer not to chase it from the water, an inflatable rubber boat for hunting will help you get to the islets and braids, where geese often like to stop. Inflatable boats are also used when hunting beavers, muskrat, and a nutria (if their catch in a specific hunting season is allowed and limits are set).

Hunter Boats

The inflatable boat helps a photo hunter get various phototrophic, from waterfowl to forest animals that come to drink or swim and not expect a “catch” from the water. 

But what is the best inflatable boat for a hunter? Compactness and lightness have already been mentioned. In addition, a PVC inflatable boat for hunting should confidently make its way through thickets of aquatic vegetation. It should be a boat that moves as quietly as possible. Finally, this is an inflatable boat where you can comfortably wait for the game.

On the other hand, it is often more convenient to get to hunting grounds by inflatable boats with an outboard motor (or even an option with a keel). Considering the listed conditions, hunters can easily find inflatable boats in the Navigator model range. 

Usually, these are rowing inflatable boats with an outboard transom under a low hp-range outboard motor. The best option for those who still want a motorboat, but at the same time, it remains light enough when sailing under the oars. Nevertheless, many people prefer pure rowing inflatable boats. And even for hunters who hardly hunt from the water, this most compact and lightweight inflatable boat help overcome water obstacles in search of the animal.

Choosing Inflatable Boat for Hunting

However, according to your criteria, any model you choose will fully meet the requirements above for inflatable boat hunting. Thanks to durable materials and design features, Navigator inflatable boats perfectly tolerate friction and tiny pricks from reeds and branches of coastal trees and bushes and move the reeds smoothly. Navigator boats pass the wave just as smoothly, so they can move without splashing, almost silently. Finally, even models with a laconic configuration are pretty comfortable for a relatively long wait for the game.

lk360 inflatable boat for fishing hunting navigator inflatable boat for sale to buy find purchase

Although, if you prefer to shoot while standing, you need to choose an inflatable boat with a deck. Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats are the best option. Consider also that any inflatable boat of your choice can be equipped with additional equipment.

rigid inflatable boat navigator RIB f-420

By the way, if you order a camouflage inflatable boat, it will significantly facilitate when arranging a conceal. When choosing an inflatable boat for hunting, you will probably also need information about the essential nuances of choosing inflatable boats and outboard motors. Navigator inflatable boat you have selected will help you enjoy your hunt to the fullest!

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Information on hunting in Canada

Hunting is legal in Canada, but strict regulations are enacted at the federal and provincial levels to protect wildlife. Every province and territory has its regulations on hunting any animal – including birds, game and fish. It includes such matters as hunting seasons and bag limits. For example, Ontario has an archery season where only bows are allowed in deer hunting.

Hunting runs throughout the year in Canada, but a hunting season will vary depending on the type of animal being hunted and where it’s taken place.

See the below-linked links for hunting regulations in all Canadian provinces and territories:

Getting a Hunting Licence

Obtaining a hunting license depends on local laws. For example, in Ontario, someone wanting to hunt must pass a firearms safety course and a hunter’s education course.

Getting a permit is different in other provinces and territories: either online or through a licensed hunting outfitter who can apply for a license on your behalf.

Getting a licence for a firearm

The use of firearms is forbidden in many of Canada’s national and provincial parks, game reserves and adjacent areas.

In Canada, all firearms holders must have a valid firearms licence allowing them to possess a firearm and a Canadian registration certificate. Owning a firearm without a licence is a criminal offence with a possible sentence of up to five years in prison.

There are several large professional hunting outfitters in Canada and numerous hunting associations, clubs, foundations, and suppliers.

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