Inflatable boat Navigator LG 240S

$ 799 + HST/GST

Rowing boats of the “LG Navigator” series are represented by boats ranging in length from 2.2 to 2.7 meters (LG 220S, LG 240S, LG 250S, LG 260S, Lg 270S6 LG 280S).

Boats are assembled from high-quality Plastel boat PVC from Mehler texnologies with a density 750 g / m2, which ensures their long-term operation, without additional maintenance of the seams.

Basic colors: Blue 573, Marine Blue 574, Storm Grey 783, Light Gray 729, Orange 205, Blood Orange 350, White 907, Kamo 729 (Yukon, Green, Khaki). A variant of the combined color of the boat is possible.

Supporting Ukraine together - from each purchase we allocate funds to support the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦 All of our boats are made in Ukraine.