Inflatable boat Navigator LG 280S

$ 989 + HST/GST

The “LG” series of inflatable Rowing boats U-Shape are represented by the LG 240S, LG 250S, LG 260S, LG 270S  and LG 280S models, which can accommodate up to 2 persons.

Boats are assembled from high-quality Plastel boat PVC from Mehler texnologies with a density 750 g / m2, which ensures their long-term operation, without additional maintenance of the seams.

Basic colors: Blue 573, Marine Blue 574, Storm Grey 783, Light Gray 729, Orange 205, Blood Orange 350, White 907, Kamo 729 (Yukon, Green, Khaki). A variant of the combined color of the boat is possible.

Supporting Ukraine together - from each purchase we allocate funds to support the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦 All of our boats are made in Ukraine.