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Inflatable Boat’s Welding Techniques – How does it work?

navigator inflatable boat's welding techniques

Navigator Boat’s unique welding techniques allow us to join not only sectional seams but also longitudinal ones. It significantly expands the possibilities of our designers while creating new models and allows a higher degree of optimization of vessel shapes and an increase in navigability and safety of the boat. Additionally, this technology makes the seams […]

Why are Inflatable Boats from PVC material better than Rubber?

Inflatable Boat from PVC

Rubber Boat Rubber inflatable boats gained popularity back in the times, primarily due to the lack of alternative materials for inflatable water vehicles. It was common to apply a rubber layer on both sides of the nylon mesh fabric. The rubber had sufficient strength and was light in weight — such inflatable boats constructed from tubes with the gas […]

Navigator Inflatable Boats User Manual – Download now for free!

user manual navigator inflatable boats

Do you want to set up an inflatable boat but don’t know how? You’ve seen inflatables before but never thought about inflating one on your own. The Navigator Inflatable Boat User Manual provides step-by-step instructions for assembling the Navigator Series boats as well as tips and tricks on using these products safely!

Navigator’s Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce Membership

Navigator Inflatable Boats in Gravenhurst, Muskoka

Our Visit to the Town of Gravenhurst We want to share with you a wonderful experience and impressions. Navigator recently visited Muskoka and became a Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce member, who welcomed us with open arms and helped settle on Lake Muskoka. We had a fantastic opportunity to show Navigator Inflatable Boats and talk about […]

Inflatable Boat Electric Motor: Pros and Cons

Inflatable Boat Electric Motor: Pros and Cons

Electric outboard VS Petrol outboard motor Boat electric motors are not inferior to petrol motors in terms of the number of stereotypes associated with their advantages and disadvantages. We took into account the manufacturers of outboard motors, honest assessments of experts and boaters, and our own boating experience in testing motors of various types and […]

What to Consider when Choosing an Inflatable Boat

what to consider when choosing an inflatable boat navigator keel motor electric outboard fishing hunting traveling boat dinghy zodiac for sale to buy

This article aims to create a guide to facilitate the choice when people are going to buy an inflatable boat. The material is based on years of experience working with the production and maintaining boats, consulting clients and boat owners. Advantages of purchasing an inflatable boat Can be transported wherever you need inside the car; […]