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Saltwater Electric Trolling Motors

trolling motor saltwater

Over the past decade, saltwater electric trolling motors have become common, even practically standard on small inshore boats. Now trolling motors are available even for large offshore fishing boats. A trolling motor is a small electric motor used to maneuver the boat while fishing. Unlike the large gas motor, a trolling motor gives you less […]

How to Measure an Outboard Shaft Length

Measure an Outboard Shaft Length Step 2

How to Measure an Outboard Shaft Length Measuring the outboard motor shaft length is just as important as choosing the motor itself, but luckily the process is relatively quick and easy. On the other hand, the boat’s efficiency and safety depend on your choice. In this article, you will find a detailed illustration and step-by-step […]

Things to Know Before Buying an Inflatable Boat

things to know to buy inflatable boat

Originally designed as a high-performance rough-water rescue craft, today, inflatable boats are a versatile way to get around in the water. They are used by anglers and hunters, emergency response services and rescuers, and just lovers of a relaxing holiday on the water. Inflatable boats are comfortable, reliable and economical; they have many advantages over […]

Licensing and Registering Your Inflatable Boat

licence an inflatable boat

Owning an inflatable boat is not only enjoyment but also a lifestyle. You can fish, go on trips, take boat trips with friends or be alone in the endless water. So, you have already chosen the most suitable pleasure craft for your needs. The first stage of its legalization is the Hull Identification Number, which […]

Inflatable Boat Electric Motor: Pros and Cons

Inflatable Boat Electric Motor: Pros and Cons

Electric outboard VS Petrol outboard motor Boat electric motors are not inferior to petrol motors because of the number of stereotypes associated with their advantages and disadvantages. We considered the manufacturers of outboard motors, honest assessments of experts and boaters, and our boating experience in testing motors of various types and brands. We also “sifted” […]

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