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How to Choose the Right Inflatable Boat Length

how to choose inflatable boat size

Inflatable boats are useful and popular for leisurely activities, fishing, and even as tenders for larger vessels. Choosing the correct length for your inflatable boat is critical to your safety, enjoyment, and overall performance of the boat. Here’s a guide to picking the best boat length for your specific requirements. Boat Length: The Ultimate List of Factors […]

Direct Drive Outboard Motors

direct drive outboard epropulsion

Direct Drive Outboard Motors Direct drive electric outboard motors are a distinct type of marine engine with their own set of features and advantages. These engines greatly impact the performance, efficiency, and manoeuvrability of boats in bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. In this article, we’ll look at direct drive engines and […]

Safety on the Water: Inflatable Boat Guide

rope, mooring, cleat

Before you take the whole family out for a weekend on the water, it’s a good idea to learn all the details of your inflatable boat. If a situation occurs in which you need to use safety equipment quickly, you should be well-prepared and trained to use the emergency gear. Departing and Landing When you’re […]

Outboard Motor Care

how to take care of outboard boat motor

Outboard motors are essential for any boating enthusiast, allowing them to navigate the waters with ease. However, like any piece of machinery, they require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and efficiency. Neglecting proper care can lead to expensive repairs or even a complete replacement of the motor, which is why it’s important to understand […]

Toronto International Boat Show 2023

Navigator Inflatable Boats at Toronto Boat Show 2023

One of North America’s biggest boating events, the Toronto International Boat Show, returns with their long-awaited in-person show to demonstrate recent product innovations, recreational boats and new boating accessories, and even more electric boats on January 20-29. The Toronto Boat Show is the ultimate place to discover the latest trends and innovations, engage with boat […]

Rim-Driven Propulsion

Explore the Future of Marine Propulsion: Rim Drive Technology Advantages, Limitations, and Applications - with Info Dock.

Rim-driven propulsion is a relatively new technology that has been gaining popularity in the marine industry. Rim-driven propellers have several advantages over traditional shaft-driven propellers, including improved efficiency, reduced noise and vibration levels, and increased maneuverability. What Is Rim-Driven Propulsion And How Does It Work The concept of rim-driven propulsion originated from aerospace engineering, where […]

Introducing Eco-Friendly Marine Electric Motors to Canada

Introducing Eco-Friendly Marine Electric Motors to Canada

Navigator Inflatable Boats & Crabzz introduces new lines of eco-friendly marine electric motors to Canada – Temo France, Rim Drive Technology and Thrustme Norway. Looking for dealers and commercial partners. Navigator Inflatable Boats, a marine distribution company based in Toronto representing boats made in Ukraine, and their e-commerce platform Crabzz with a variety of boats, accessories and […]

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