Introducing Eco-Friendly Marine Electric Motors to Canada

Introducing Eco-Friendly Marine Electric Motors to Canada

Navigator Inflatable Boats & Crabzz introduces new lines of eco-friendly marine electric motors to Canada – Temo France, Rim Drive Technology and Thrustme Norway. Looking for dealers and commercial partners.

Navigator Inflatable Boats, a marine distribution company based in Toronto representing boats made in Ukraine, and their e-commerce platform Crabzz with a variety of boats, accessories and motors, is introducing three new lines of electric motors adding to the ePropulsion Electric Motors they already carry.

TEMO France, Rim Drive Technology and Thrustme Norway – an exciting mix of electric motors covering different uses for every day boaters and more demanding customers are now available for dealer inquiries!

TEMO France has an elegant outboard motor stick, which weighs only 4.9kg, and a 450w motor, a perfect solution for inflatable boats and smaller vessels under 11ft. Easy to operate, easy to handle and very compact. These motors are fully sourced and manufactured in France, ensuring premier assembly quality and longevity of the motor. TEMO won the Dame Award at the METS 2020 show – one of the highest European distinctions in the nautical industry, the Innovation of the Year Award 2022 in France and the “Best of Show” at Annapolis Boat Show 2022!

Rim Drive Technology has a distinctive electric motor architecture without a center axis in the lower unit. With the two motor lines – Subsea and Maritime a variety of use cases are covered, including surface and underwater monitoring, recreation, additional control and maneuverability. Pod Drives, Bow Thrusters, Steerable Pod Drives (Azimuths) and Outboard Electric motors ranging from 0.5kW- 30kW of power are available for pre-order and will be displayed at the Toronto Boat Show 2023. Great motors for recreation, commercial and other demanding uses – unique Rim technology reduces noise and boosts torque; these motors can be used on inflatable boats, wood and metal vessels of up to 100ft, ROVs and Unmanned Surface and Subsea Vehicles. Quiet Muskoka waterfronts and demanding special operations – it can handle it all.

Thrustme Norway – another line designed in Europe. A solid brushless 1kW motor tuned down to 750w, an equivalent of a 1.5hp gas motor. Ultra-light motors weigh 3.5 and 4.7 kg. There are three products available – an outboard Kicker model, a special Cruiser motor made to be side mounted on kayaks and a 0.8kg Thruster, which you can use for your unique motorization needs. Easy to operate, these motors automatically come with a nice carrying bag and don’t break the bank.

ePropulsion has a line of outboards and pod drives ranging from 1kw to 6kw. Its Spirit 1.0 Plus is one of the most popular 3hp outboard electric motors on the market currently. Navigator & Crabzz proudly represent these amazingly looking, well-built motors. With a 40% more battery capacity compared to the closest competition, a metal power cable connector and outstanding performance, this motor is a no-brainer for most inflatable boat owners and boaters with 12-18ft aluminum fishing boats. This year ePropulsion has also added a new line of electric inboard motors – 10kW, 20kW and 40kW of power with a unique hydrogenation feature of recharging from the propeller.

Navigator Inflatable Boats is excited to open a new frontier for the Canadian boating community and offer an eco-friendly line of electric motors. For dealer inquiries, please reach out via email at: or visit one of the websites for more information:

Navigator Inflatable Boats

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