Motor Boats with Keel

Keel Inflatable Boat

Navigator LK-series motorboats with keels are perfect for boating in harsh conditions. The functioning of the keel is comparable to the fin movements. It dampens the flood of water, which runs at high speed towards the keel. This is because it has a natural ability to resist waves and currents that would otherwise disrupt your journey.

Boats with inflatable keels have excellent maneuverability. The nose doesn’t lift off from the water surface even at high speeds. Navigator LK-series models are also easy to control and can get into planning mode well.

The Inflatable Keel

The inflatable keel makes a boat safer. Plus, it improves navigation, lets you move smoothly at high speeds, and improves the dinghy’s efficiency! It also helps keep your boat steady so that there’s no risk of lateral displacement when turning at high speeds.

Technical characteristics of Motor Boats with Inflatable Keel

The cylinders range from 40-46 cm. To make our boats strong, watertight, and UV protected, we use a five-layer PVC boat fabric with a density of 850 g/m2 – 1100 g/m2 (certified PVC manufacturers ISO 9001). No worries about rocks or risks of damaging the craft with the fishhook. One of the advantages of the hard bottom hull on an inflatable boat is better navigation due to the cylinders’ narrower diameters closer to the nose and smoothly raised forebody.

Navigator boats with keel are available in different colours: olive, khaki, light grey, dark grey. It is also possible to order a model in a combined colour. Navigator Inflatable Boats uses the advanced heat welding technology of straight and circular seams of inflatable balloons. No worries about leakage, and the welds are solid and reliable.

Additional comfort is provided by the book type or hard deck floor – whichever you prefer can be chosen from the pull-down menu when placing an order.

Supporting Ukraine together - from each purchase we allocate funds to support the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦 All of our boats are made in Ukraine.