Motor Boats U-shape (LP series)

Inflatable Boats with Motor 

When fishing, don’t just stay on the same fishing spot day after day – explore new waters! A good way to do this is by using an inflatable fishing boat with an outboard motor. You’ll be able to explore those fishing spots you’ve never been to before! Our inflatable fishing boats are made of waterproof plywood and come equipped with motors of various types.

Firstly, we achieved a perfect geometric balance between the cylinders’ length, width and adjustable diameter, narrowing from the stern outward to meet the inflatable motorboat noses. Secondly, every inflatable boat has a gentle-rising bow that puts them effortlessly in planing mode.

Outboard Motor 

Our outboards range from 2.5 hp. and up to 90 hp. Whether you prefer trolling motor or gas, you can find the one that suits your needs in our outboard motor store. Besides very compact dimensions, all our inflatable boat engines have a perfect balance between power and weight. The engine is easy to install and remove. We also reinforced the transom and installed it at a certain angle to the tubes for a more reliable setup and a boosted motor performance. The inflatable dinghy with a motor from Navigator Inflatable Boats will satisfy your boating needs and keep you out of trouble.

Another great feature of an inflatable dinghy with a motor is efficiency. These engines don’t consume much energy. The small volume achieves high power. These engines are the perfect engineering jewels due to such advanced characteristics, including compact sizes and well-thought-out design. Please read our article: Choosing the Outboard Motor.

Hints for Using Motor Boats

When using an inflatable dinghy with a motor mount, consider that the outboard motors are cooling by water. That means you need to follow the installation instruction and take precautions. Otherwise, heat can damage the engine. The engine propellers can easily damage an inflatable boat with a Motor if they touch the boat’s bottom. If you’re doing everything correctly, then there’s no need to worry. 

If you are looking for an affordable way to explore waterways without investing too much time and money into the process, take an inflatable boat with an outboard motor with you on your next vacation. Navigator LP-series of Inflatable Motor Boats with U-shape cylinders are available in models like the LP 240S/B, LP 270S/B, LP 290S/B, and LP 320S/B. These boats are affordable, light, compact, and durable – they are everything you need for an unforgettable experience on the water!

Supporting Ukraine together - from each purchase we allocate funds to support the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦 All of our boats are made in Ukraine.