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If you are looking for powerful boat engines that will make your fishing trips even more exciting, you should know that we have what you need! Our offer includes both small and large engines that suit any type of boat.

Outboard boat motors are the absolute must-have for fishers and marine enthusiasts who want to feel safe and protected when passing the shallow water or backwaters. These engines are vital if you’re going to reduce the risk of catching a stone and damaging your boat.

The outboard motor is a good choice for trolling, as it doesn’t create much noise. Outboards are compact, efficient and easy to use. As soon as you reach the needed fishing spot, switch to the smaller lower power engine and devote time to your favourite hobby.

Despite the characteristics and parameters of your boat, the trolling motor brings its functioning up to a new level and provides you with additional safety. That’s why it’s considered to be a valuable long-term investment. Such a boat engine system is easily attached and put into a working position.

Trolling motor mount for Inflatable Boat

You can rely on an outboard motor if something goes wrong with the larger engine, for example, because of loss or damage of the screw or if the engine doesn’t start or fails. They are very convenient. However, they require power from the main engine with an electric generator or powerful onboard battery chargers.

Small petrol outboard motors are powerful and require less additional equipment. Some models come with 360o-turn technology, which enhances navigation and maneuvering. Boats equipped with the bow mount trolling motor bring you better control over your craft.

Navigator Inflatable Boats is a dealer of a range of world-class outboard motors for your inflatable boats, including Tohatsu brand, Mercury and Yamaha. Please, search for available offers, explore power features and select products of the right performance, best quality and efficiency. Get help choosing the outboards by subscribing to our newsletter or contacting us by email.

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