Outboard Motors

Our Navigator team of experts has assembled this knowledge hub to help you browse the world of outboard motors – from understanding the different types to selecting the perfect one for your needs.

Gas vs. Electric Outboard Boat Motors: Which One is Right for You?

Gas outboard motors generally offer more power and speed, making them ideal for larger boats or faster activities, yet they are also louder and produce emissions.

Electric outboard motors, on the other hand, arequieter, have less environmental impact, and require less maintenance. They, however, offer more reliability for smaller boats and slower activities.

Gas vs Electric Outboard Boat Motors Comparison


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  • Discover the latest eco-friendly boating technology with our introduction to marine electric outboard motors – perfect for environmentally-conscious boaters.
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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Outboard Motor for Your Inflatable Boat

Discover Our Trusted Brands

There are many brands and models of outboards available on the market, each with its own performance features. Being official dealers, we at Navigator offer a range of top-quality gas and electric outboard motors from brands like:

Outboard Motor Brands


Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Gas and Electric Motors

When choosing between gas and electric outboards, consider the size of your boat and the type of boating activities you choose. Also, find a balance in your personal preferences regarding noise, eco-friendliness and pricing.

Consider the availability of charging stations and fuel efficiency for each type of motor, respectively, and the level of maintenance you are willing to undertake.

Deciding on the right outboard motor for your boat can be a daunting task. Browse our guide on choosing the outboard motor for an overview of the factors that would shape your decision.

Boating Accessories and Parts: Enhance Your Experience on the Water

Must-Have Tools

No matter the size or type of your inflatable boat, there are certain must-have accessories that every boater should have on board – these include life jackets, ropes, communication devices, and emergency kits to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Additional Choices For Your Outdoor Comfort

Beyond the basics, there are many optional choices that can enhance your boating experience, such as transom wheels, trolling motors and portable power stations.

Outboard Motor Parts

Whether you have a gas or electric outboard motor, it’s important to keep it in good condition by regularly replacing and maintaining its parts. Understanding the parts of your outboard motor can help you troubleshoot issues and ensure a smooth and safe boating experience.

Maintenance and Service: Keeping Your Outboard Motor in Top Condition

Common outboard problems that can occur include issues with the fuel system, electrical components, and cooling system.

We always recommend following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, which may include tasks such as changing the oil and replacing worn parts. Proper storage of the motor can also help to prolong its lifespan.

Learn the secrets to keeping your outboard motor running smoothly for years to come with our easy-to-follow care and maintenance tips. Check the Outboard Motor Care blog for more information.

Into the Lifestyle: Tips from Experienced Boaters

Adding boating to your lifestyle can bring a range of benefits, from reducing stress levels to spending quality time with family and friends.

To make the most of this activity, don’t hesitate to seek tips from experienced boaters on how to navigate the waters safely and discuss boating questions that may arise.

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