Outdoor Equipment

Whether you are an experienced outdoorsman that enjoys boating and outdoors, or just an enthusiast trying new open-air activities, Navigator has all the outdoor gear for your needs.

Choosing from a variety of manufacturers, we offer top-quality Portable Power Stations, Solar Panels, and Accessories for Recreation. Stay comfortable during your adventure and be prepared for anything with our outdoor equipment deals.

Portable Power Stations

A portable power station basically lets you keep important appliances and electronics running during a power outage, and is one of the outdoor gear essentials.

The key advantages they all share are producing no fumes or noise. This makes them ideal for environments, where sound or air emissions could disturb your trip.

Whether you’re planning to bring it for camping, boating, or just to have it at home, these stations are really convenient for any activity and season. From EcoFlow to Rocksolar, we offer the best portable power station brands, as well as various models and setups. Combining it with a solar panel, you’ll get an autonomous off-grid solar generator.

Solar Panels

Solar panels work by absorbing the sun’s energy into photovoltaic cells. They are small, foldable and are often used for camping, home backup, road trips, and outings. Portable solar panels come in a variety of types, them being available here at Navigator.

Since more and more people are boating and camping with their electronics at hand, portable solar panels are a must-have. Use the sun to charge your batteries fast and power appliances such as laptops, cameras, speakers, mini-fridges, and more.

Accessories for Recreation

As experts in outdoor entertaining across Canada, we’ve got the products you need to bring both fun and functionality to your open-air time.

When choosing your outdoor entertaining accessories, durability is a main consideration. We recommend going for lightweight and break-resistant equipment.

If you plan to enjoy beverages or snacks on your inflatable boat, make sure that a modular table is among your outdoor entertaining accessories as well. Our BPA-free, stainless steel drinkware is perfect for enjoying a beverage on-board or in the wild.

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