RIM Drive Electric Outboard Accessories

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Rim Drive Technology is a global leader in the production of electric outboard motors and accessories for boaters. Their electric outboard accessories are designed to give boaters highly efficient and robust performance on the water. We provide a complete solution by offering a variety of accessories that improve the usability of Rim Drive electric boat motors.

Throttle Controls and Monitors

Rim Drive Technology provides a selection of throttle controls designed to give reliable and precise control over the speed and direction of their electric outboard motors. The throttle controls are manufactured and then thoroughly tested by the company itself. In addition, Rim Drive provides a throttle cable set with lengths ranging from 2 to 10 m. The battery monitor displays important information, such as battery status.

Fuses and Additional Safety Gear

Discover Rim Drive’s safety products, such as a key and kill switch, to make the system safer and easier to use. Moreover, we carry fuses for overload and short-circuit protection. These fuses are combined with a fuse holder.

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