Rowing Boats U-Shape (LG-series)

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$ 799 + HST/GST

Rowing Boats U-Shape (LG-series)

Inflatable boat Navigator LG 250S

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Inflatable Rowing Boats

An inflatable rowing boat is a perfect option for travelling in coastal zones of small rivers or lakes in Canada or the United States. We equipped U-Shape fishing row boats of LG-series with the slatted floor, removable transom and inflatable boat oars. Due to the small length, two person inflatable boat has enough storage space and is comfortable for a romantic boating or fishing with the best friend.

Portable Inflatable Rowing Boat

When folded, it’s very easy to transport an inflatable row boat in a car due to the small dimensions. All LG-series models are lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble.

Inflatable Rowing Boats from PVC

Moreover, each portable inflatable rowing dinghy combines an advanced design idea with high-tech manufacturing. The control at each technological step and use of high-quality materials result in Navigator Inflatable Boats models’ excellent performance. We use a five-layer PVC boat fabric with a density of 850 g/m2 – 1100 g/m2, (certified PVC manufacturers ISO 9001). This material is solid, water-resistant and resistant to ultraviolet and chemicals. All Navigator inflatable rowing boats from PVC are consistent with the high-quality standards.

To provide customers with extra safety, we use heat-welding technology for connecting straight and circular seams of inflatable balloons. Thus, Navigator rowing boats are stronger, more reliable, resistant to temperature extremes and protected from leakage.

What you also notice is the unique design features of our crafts. They are characterized by a narrowing diameter of the tubes closer to the nose. This peculiarity is well combined with a smooth raised forebody. Such a feature not only makes a boat beautiful but also enhances its navigating characteristic.

If you’re planning to spend some quality time outside alone or with friends, take an inflatable rafting and fishing boat with oars, bring it to the shore, pump air into it and enjoy your holiday.