Rowing Boats U-Shape (LG-series)

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Inflatable Rowing Boats

Imagine yourself on a scenic river, paddling downstream as you soak up the serenity surrounding you. You’re having so much fun that you don’t even notice how far you’ve gone until you turn around and see that you’re miles away from where you started! Luckily, you have an inflatable boat, so it’s no problem getting back home!

Inflatable rowing boats are a great choice when travelling along coasts, on smaller rivers, or lakes in Canada or the US. The LG series U-Shape fishing boats are outfitted with slatted floor, removable transom, and inflatable oars. A two-person inflatable boat has plenty of storage space and is comfortable for romantic pontooning or fishing with your best friend.

Comparison chart of Navigator rowing inflatable boats LG-series.

Portability of Inflatable Rowing Boats

When folded, shipping an inflatable rowboat in a car is very easy due to its small dimensions and weight. All LG-series models are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. When unfolded, it becomes a spacious vessel that can accommodate up to four people at once!

PVC Rowing Boats

All Navigator inflatable rowing boats from PVC are consistent with high-quality standards. Moreover, we use heat-welding technology to connect straight and circular inflatable balloons to provide customers with extra safety.

Besides that, each portable inflatable rowing boat combines an advanced design idea with high-tech manufacturing features. The technology is controlled in every step and uses high-quality materials to ensure the excellent performance of Navigator Inflatable Boats models. We use a five-layer PVC boat fabric with a Density Range from 850 g/m2 to 1100 g/m2 (PVC Manufacturer ISO 9001 certified). This material is strong, waterproof and resists UV light and chemicals.

Hanged Transom for Inflatable Boats (Navigator LG-series)

Your inflatable boat doesn’t have a transom? You’ll find yourself bumping into everything because there’s nothing to stop you! Give your boat some class with this classy transom, which attaches securely to the hull of an inflatable rowboat!

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