Inflatable Boat Shop in Victoria, BC

Navigator inflatable boat store in Victoria, British Columbia is the right place where you can order lake fishing boats, rafts and accessories for them. We manufacture products with the specific design For example, the raised forebody enhances the navigation characteristics, allows entering the gliding being equipped with motors with a minimum capacity.

Boat Accessories in Victoria

Our product variety includes rowing boats, dinghies, tenders, motor boats with a keel, boats with slatted bottom, book type bottom and hard deck floor, which allows you to choose the best model for your needs. We also sell everything your dinghy may need to be well-equipped and safe. The accessories range from wheels and soft seats to pumps, bags and motor covers.

Inflatable Boats for Sale in Victoria

We recommend our dinghies every customer who is fond of interesting holidays, fishing and travelling by boat. Choose and buy an inflatable boat in Victoria of your favorite color, place an order for the required accessories for PVC boats and start planning your traveling! Our good-looking, reliable and durable boats will provide the excellent level of comfort, so you won’t be disappointed! The outstanding performance of each inflatable boat for sale is also based on using high quality marine grade plywood with the waterproof varnish layers, which resists the oxidation.

Buy Inflatable Boat in Victoria