Inflatable Boat Store in Manitoba

Navigator inflatable boat shop in Manitoba is the best place to order inflatable fishing boats, tenders and accessories. Our tenders not only look beautiful but also can boast enhanced construction features. For instance, the raised forebody enhances navigation and allows entering the gliding mode equipped with motors with a minimum capacity.

At our Manitoba online shop, you can order:

  • rowing boats
  • dinghies
  • tenders
  • motor boats with a keel
  • boats with slatted floor
  • book type bottom and hard deck bottom

Whatever you like, you’ll indeed find a suitable model for yourself!

Boat Accessories in Manitoba

Would you like your boat to be safer and well-equipped?

You can customize your boat by buying the preferable colour model or complementing it with suitable PVC accessories. Firstly, take a look at the wide range of high-quality and reliable accessories. We have tents, motors, trailers, bags, soft seats, wheels, pumps. Moreover, all our accessories are available in different options.

You can order an inflatable dinghy in Manitoba that meets your requirements, whether you are fond of fishing, a holiday on the lake with loved ones or exciting boating with your best friends. Finally, you can personalize your boat by buying the vessel of the preferable colour or complementing it with suitable PVC accessories.

Inflatable Boats for Sale in Manitoba

Our company was the first in Manitoba, Canada, inflatable boat industry that used heat welding technology. Such technology enables the seams strong and safe. So, it helped us to enhance the durability and reliability of our inflatable boats for sale.

Moreover, we use high-quality water-proof marine-grade plywood, which resists oxidation and makes the boat’s lifetime longer. Our inflatable boats perfectly meet the needs of travellers who like being on the water.

We ship inflatable boats to Manitoba, including such cities as Winnipeg.