Inflatable Boat Store in Edmundston, NB

Navigator inflatable boat store in Edmundston, New Brunswick provides active travelers and fishermen with an opportunity to purchase high quality and reliable fishing boats, aimed at those ones who are interested in active holidays on the lake. Our dinghies not only look beautiful, but also can boast of the enhanced construction features. As the result of the raised forebody they have an improved navigation – they enter the gliding even with engines with a minimum capacity.

Boat Accessories in Edmundston

Whatever you are fond of, you’ll really find the appropriate model for yourself. You can order rowing boats, motor boats with a keel, dinghies, tenders, boats with slatted bottom, book type bottom and hard deck floor at our online shop. Do you want your boat to be well-equipped and safer? Have a look at the great variety of reliable and high-quality boat accessories in Edmundston, NB. We sell pumps, wheels, soft seats, bags, trailers, covers for motors, tents. All these goods can be ordered in different options.

Inflatable Boats for Sale in Edmundston, New Brunswick

You can buy an inflatable boat in Edmundston that totally meets your needs, whether you are fond of fishing, leisure on the river with the loved ones or interesting rest with the best friends. You can customize your tender by ordering the model of your favorite color or enhancing it with the needed polyvinyl chloride PVC accessories.

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