Inflatable Boat Shop in Moncton, NB

Navigator inflatable boat shop in Moncton, New Brunswick is the best place where you can buy family fishing boats, rafts and accessories. Each of our inflatable dinghies for sale in Oshawa, New Brunswick has an good-looking design that comes in hand with the improved construction features. For example, the raised forebody enhances the navigating, allows entering the gliding being equipped with engines with a minimum capacity.

Inflatable Boat Accessories in Moncton

Our product range includes rowing boats, boats with book type bottom, slatted floor and hard deck bottom, motor boats with a keel, dinghies, tenders, which allows you to choose the best model for yourself. We also offer a assortment of accessories including everything you need for a hours-long boating – soft seats, bags, wheels, pumps, motor covers. Each inflatable boat for sale in Moncton, New Brunswick features the improved construction with the beautiful design.

Inflatable Boats for Sale in Moncton

It would be great to buy an inflatable dinghy in Moncton if you do not have enough place for a vessel or don’t want to be bothered with the trailers to transport the plastic or metal boat. Our inflatable boats are user-friendly and long-lasting. They are ready to serve your needs.

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