Inflatable Boat Shop in Newfoundland

Navigator inflatable boat shop in Newfoundland provides active travellers and fishers with an opportunity to purchase high-quality and reliable family fishing boats. Our boats target those who are fond of nautical tourism. Navigator tenders attract attention due to their exceptional construction and exceptional design. Thus, all our dinghies are suitable for fishing, leisure time on lakes and travelling by boat with friends.

Boat Accessories in Newfoundland, Canada

Our product range includes rowing boats, motor boats with a keel, dinghies, tenders, boats with slatted bottom, book-type floor and hard deck floor, which allows you to place an order for the best vessel for your needs. Nevertheless, we also have various accessories where you can find everything you need for an hour-long fishing – bags, wheels, soft seats, motor covers, pumps. Customize your inflatable boat by ordering the vessel of your favourite colour or complementing it with suitable polyvinyl chloride PVC accessories!

Inflatable Boats for Sale in Newfoundland

Each inflatable tender for sale in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, combines the enhanced construction with an attractive look. Our company manufacturing inflatable boats was the first one in Newfoundland and Labrador who made a progressive change in the inflatable boat industry by using heat welding technology. The high performance of each inflatable tender for sale is also based on using high-quality marine-grade plywood with waterproof varnish layers, which doesn’t oxidize so fast. Navigator company recommends our models to everyone fond of breathtaking holidays, fishing and travelling by boat.

Choose and buy an inflatable dinghy in Newfoundland of your favourite colour, place an order for the required accessories for PVC boats and start planning your holiday! Our good-looking, reliable and durable boats will provide an excellent level of comfort so that you won’t be disappointed!

We ship inflatable boats to St. John’s and other cities of Newfoundland and Labrador.