The inflatable boats online store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The inflatable boat shop Navigator in Dartmouth, NS, is the best place where you can buy inflatable boats, dinghies and accessories for them. We manufacture products with specific construction. Because of the raised forebody, the vessels have enhanced navigation. Thus they can enter the gliding mode, being complemented with engines with a minimum capacity. Our range of products includes rowing boats, dinghies, tenders, boats with slatted floor, hard deck floor, and motorboats with a keel. We also have an assortment of accessories, including everything you need for an hours-long but comfortable fishing – soft seats, bags, wheels, pumps, motor covers. Each inflatable dinghy for sale in Dartmouth, Canada and the United States features enhanced construction with an attractive design.

Navigator Inflatable Boats company was the first in Dartmouth, Canada, inflatable boat industry to start using heat welding technology. Such an approach makes the seams stronger and protected from leakage. Thus, it helped us to enhance the durability and reliability of our inflatable dinghies for sale. We use reliable water-proof marine-grade plywood, which keeps the boat safe from oxidation and increases its lifetime of the boat.

Navigator inflatable PVC boats in Dartmouth perfectly meet the needs of people who like investigating new places. It would be great to order an inflatable dinghy if you do not have a suitable place for a vessel or don’t want to mess around with the trailers to transport the boat made of metal or plastic. Our dinghies are user-friendly and reliable. They are ready to serve your needs.

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