Inflatable Boat Store in Kingston, ON

Navigator inflatable boat shop in Kingston, Ontario is the right place to purchase family fishing boats, tenders and accessories for them. Our dinghies not only have an attractive design but also can boast improved construction features. Specifically, thanks to the raised forebody, the dinghies have excellent navigation characteristics. Thus they can enter the gliding mode, being equipped with engines with a minimum capacity.

Boat Accessories in Kingston

Our assortment of products includes rowing boats, motorboats with a keel, dinghies, tenders, boats with slatted floor, book-type floor and hard deck bottom, which allows you to choose the best model for yourself. We also sell everything your boat may need to be well-equipped and safe. The accessories vary from wheels and soft seats to pumps, bags and motor covers.

Inflatable Boats for Sale in Kingston

Our company was the first one in Kingston, Ontario who used the heat welding technology due to which we connected straight and circular seams of balloons of the inflatable boats. Due to it, we enhanced the reliability of the seams, made them solid and elastic, extra secure and protected the leakage. Our inflatable PVC boats for sale are light because we use high-quality marine-grade plywood with waterproof varnish layers. This plywood resists oxidation, which provides the dinghies with a long lifetime.

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