Inflatable Boats in Ottawa, ON

Navigator is an inflatable boat shop in Ottawa, Ontario, that sells a great variety of inflatable boats, dinghies, and accessories. Navigator is designed for those who love to spend time on the water and appreciate the high quality.

Navigator’s boat store in Ottawa is notable for dinghies with exceptional design and high-tech performance. We do our best to satisfy the needs of anglers, active travellers, adventurers, and everyone else fond of active leisure. 

Our product variety includes rowing boats and motor boats with slatted and hard deck floors. Moreover, we offer motor boats with a keel, dinghies and tenders, which allows you to buy the best model for your needs. We also provide everything your tender needs to be well-equipped and safe.

Inflatable Boat Accessories in Ottawa

The accessories range from bags and motor covers to pumps, wheels and soft seats. Each of our inflatable tenders for sale in Canada has a gorgeous design complemented with improved construction features. The raised forebody improves the navigating and makes it possible to enter the gliding mode with engines with a minimum capacity. 

Our company manufacturing inflatable dinghies was the first one in Ottawa, ON, which made a progressive change in the inflatable boat industry by using heat welding technology. The high performance of each inflatable dinghy for sale is also based on using high-quality marine-grade plywood with waterproof varnish layers, which resists oxidation.

Inflatable Boats for Sale in Ottawa

You can place an order for an inflatable tender that meets your expectations, whether you like fishing, leisure on the lake with loved ones or interesting rest with friends. Also, you can personalize your inflatable dinghy by choosing the preferable colour model or enhancing it with the necessary PVC accessories.

Take a look at the features and advantages of Navigator boats. Experience the Navigator in Ottawa, Ontario.


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