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The inflatable boats online store Navigator is the right place where you or your friends can buy inflatable boats, dinghies and accessories in Montreal, Quebec. We manufacture products with specific construction. Due to the raised forebody, the inflatable boats have improved navigation characteristics. Thus they can enter the gliding mode, being complemented with motors with a minimum capacity. Our range includes rowing boats, dinghies, tenders, boats with slatted floor and hard deck floor, motorboats with a keel of various weights and lengths. We also offer a range of accessories, including essential things you need for an hours-long fishing – bags, wheels, soft seats, motor covers and pumps.

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Navigator also offers a significant number of fishing jigs for sale in Montreal. You can search for over a hundred jigging lures currently available in multiple colouring and types such as classic and new for a reasonable price in purpose to meet fisherman demands on the water.

Inflatable Boats for Sale in Montreal, QC

Each of the Navigator inflatable boats in Montreal, Canada, features enhanced construction with a beautiful look. Our company was the first in the North American inflatable boat industry to start using heat welding technology. Such an approach makes the seams safe and robust. Taking that into account, it made it possible for us to improve the durability and reliability of our PVC boats for sale in Montreal, QC. We use durable, water-resistant marine-grade plywood, which resists oxidation and helps the vessel to serve longer.

Navigator inflatable dinghies perfectly meet the requirements of travellers who are fond of active leisure. It would be great to place an order for an inflatable tender if you do not have enough place for a vessel or don’t want to mess around with the trailers to transport the boat made of metal or plastic. Our PVC boats are user-friendly and long-lasting. They are ready to accompany you towards your goals. You can leave your personal information on our website, and our specialist will contact you to provide additional services if needed.

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