Inflatable Boat Shop in Saskatchewan

Navigator inflatable boat store in Saskatchewan sells a range of lake fishing boats, dinghies, and accessories aimed at those people who like spending time on the water and value the high quality.

Saskatchewan’s inflatable boats and dinghies are notable for their well-thought design and high-tech performance. Precisely, Navigator company does its best in satisfying the needs of anglers, active travellers, adventurers and everyone else who likes active outdoor holidays. Accordingly, you’ll indeed find the appropriate model for yourself. For instance, you may order rowing boats, dinghies, tenders, motorboats with a keel, boats with slatted floor, book-type bottom and stern deck bottom of your style, and reasonable price.

Boat Accessories in Saskatchewan, Canada

Do you want your boat to be safer and well-equipped? 

Firstly, have a look at the great variety of reliable and well-made accessories we sell:

  • Pumps
  • Wheels
  • Bags
  • Trailers
  • Covers for motors
  • Tents
  • Finally, Outboards

Not to mention, all our accessories are available in different options.

Inflatable Boats for Sale in Saskatchewan

Our company was the first in Saskatchewan, Canada, inflatable boat industry that used heat welding technology. In brief, such technology helps to make the seams strong enough to prevent leakage. As a result, it made it possible for us to improve the reliability and durability of our PVC boats for sale.

Moreover, we use durable, water-resistant marine-grade plywood, which resists oxidation and makes the boat’s lifetime longer. Consequently, our inflatable tenders perfectly meet the demands of anglers who like investigating new places.

Also, Navigator company recommends our items to every customer who likes adventurous holidays, fishing and nautical tourism. To finish, choose and buy an inflatable tender in Saskatchewan of your favourite colour, add the needed accessories for PVC boats and start planning your leisure!

We ship our boats around Saskatchewan, including such cities as: