Suzuki Outboards

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Navigator Inflatable Boats is a certified distributor of Suzuki outboard motors in Canada and the US. As a Suzuki outboard dealer, we offer a line of Suzuki outboard marine engines for sale.

Choosing Suzuki Outboard Motor

Suzuki Outboard motors provide the ultimate marine experience. With their technology and reliability, Suzuki outboards are the go-to option for customers all over the world. Suzuki outboard motors are trusted by boaters in a variety of environments and are constantly evolving and raising the bar.

Durability for Years

For years, boating enthusiasts have relied on the durability and reliability of a Suzuki outboard. These outboards are designed with features intended to provide a smooth and trouble-free ride. You feel comfortable knowing that your engine is safe from overheating thanks to the Suzuki Dual Louver system. Further, the Water Detecting System is meant to notify you before any problems arise, allowing you to address any problems before they become major. The Self-Adjusting Timing Chain and Dual Water Inlet are just two more features that contribute to the reliability of these outboards.

The Tilt Limit prevents your engine from tilting too far, minimizing damage and allowing you to maintain control in even the roughest waters. Meanwhile, the Sub Water Inlet ensures that your engine is always supplied with fresh, clean water, even when the water is murky or dirty.

Suzuki outboards are also extremely easy to operate, thanks to the Keyless Start System feature. This system eliminates the need for keys, making starting your engine easier than ever. Finally, the anti-corrosion design of Suzuki outboards ensures that your engine will remain in excellent condition even after years of use. And thanks to the Suzuki SDSM system, any necessary maintenance will be a breeze.

Smooth and Comfortable Operation

Suzuki outboards deliver a smooth and powerful acceleration across all operating ranges, thanks to an offset driveshaft, a 2.50 gear ratio, and a dual prop system. The Multi-Stage Induction, Variable Valve Timing, and Direct Intake all contribute to improved performance.

Suzuki outboards provide an excellent boating experience thanks to features such as Selective Rotation and Precision Control. They’re also designed with Three-Way Storage, an Overhead Tank, Troll Mode, Gas Assist, and an Easy Start System.

Fuel Efficiency

Suzuki Outboard Motor technology features low emissions and high fuel efficiency, resulting in lower maintenance costs and a reduced environmental impact. Suzuki is also a supporter of the Clean Ocean Project Initiative.

Discover The Model Range

Our Suzuki Outboard Motors selection includes portable, four-stroke outboards such as the 2.5hp single-cylinder 4-stroke Suzuki outboard, the compact 4hp Suzuki outboard, and the portable 6hp Suzuki boat motor. Suzuki 9.9hp outboard motor with battery-less electronic fuel injection completes the lineup. The 15hp Suzuki outboard motor provides impressive power while also being exceptionally fuel efficient.

The Suzuki outboard 20hp has a quick start and excellent performance. The 25hp is the most technologically advanced portable on the market today. Last but not least, the 30hp Suzuki outboard motor features Suzuki’s EFI system.

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