TEMO Electric Outboard Accessories

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TEMO propulsion solutions are well-known for their unique design combining motor, battery and control unit. This environmentally friendly solution brand offers boaters a range of extremely robust products and accessories.

TEMO Electric Outboard Motor Chargers

For flexible charging of its practical interchangeable battery system, TEMO offers 12V and 220V chargers, allowing the user to easily charge the TEMO outboard at home, on the boat or in the car in just 3 hours from empty.

Replacement Propellers and Propeller Protection

Get a replacement propeller for your TEMO electric motor. TEMO also offers propeller protection, which is designed to eliminate the damage caused by rocks, debris, and other underwater obstacles.

Rowlock Fitting Options

TEMO outboard rowlock fitting is designed to provide boaters with an easy and convenient way to attach their electric outboard motor to their boat.

Rowlock Fitting allows you to quickly install and remove your TEMO outboard from your dinghy or tender. This fitting is installed to the back of your tender permanently.

A Removable Rowlock Fitting, however, allows you to quickly install and remove your TEMO outboard and switch between dinghies or tenders.

Anti-Theft Device

Anti-theft locks are perfectly adapted to secure TEMO outboards conveniently to any tenders or another vessel. The two clips provide a lot of flexibility and can be installed effortlessly on various types of supports.

Protective Carrying Case

TEMO’s transport bag provides boaters with an easy and convenient way to transport their electric outboard motor.

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