ThrustMe Electric Outboards

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Founded in 2015, ThrustMe has been developing efficient and innovative electronic propulsion solutions for your outdoor experience.

Their range of electric motors and outboards offers lightweight but powerful models. Suitable for inflatable boats and all sorts of dinghies, ThrustMe is your safe and effortless choice.

ThrustMe The Kicker: Ideal for Tenders

Powerful and lightweight, The Kicker electric outboard is perfectly suitable as a short-range propulsion system for a vessel that will get you off the shore without fuss and noise. Being only 4.4kg, The Kicker is light enough to carry from a tender to a yacht unassisted.

The 1000W motor drives a fully covered propeller, protecting it from damage when operating in shallow waters. A 259Wh lithium battery provides a running time of up to 2.5 hours.

It’s the ideal solution for powering a small ship-to-shore transport. While offering the most power relative to its size, The Kicker is also easy to mount and can be packed in its own carry bag just in minutes.

The Cruiser: Get Your Activities Moving

Norwegian-made ThrustMe and their signature ‘Cruiser’ electric outboard have taken the market by storm and are now available on Navigator.

The Cruiser is a compact electrical motor weighing only 3.3 kg with the battery included, making it easy to fit on most floating devices. Since the entire unit is waterproof, you won’t have to worry about water affecting the battery and motor.

It’s controlled with a detachable remote, making your trip easier and more enjoyable. Tunnel-enclosed propeller delivers plenty of pressure for a canoe, kayak or SUP. With its lightweight design and built-in battery, you will hardly notice having The Cruiser with you.

Our Navigator Boat team knows why ThrustMe outboard motors are bestsellers for smaller boats. Ready-to-use propulsion solutions in just one click.

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