ThrustMe Electric Outboard Accessories

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ThrustMe is a leading provider of electric outboards accessories for boats of all sizes. The company has a range of products designed to make your boating experience more environmentally friendly, and enjoyable.

Batteries and Chargers: Get The Most Power Relative to Its Size

External Battery

Choose an external lithium-ion battery kit for your Kicker electric outboard motor. Designed to provide additional power and range for the Kicker, the battery allows boaters to stay in the deep blue sea or shallow water for longer periods of time. The battery pack is lightweight and compact, being easy to transport and store. The battery box itself is rugged and weather-resistant – giving reliable performance in harsh marine environments.


ThrustMe offers different types of chargers, including portable chargers that can be used on-the-go, as well as wall-mounted chargers for convenient at-home charging.

Choose Your Safety Device

Removable Remote Control

This innovative remote control allows controlling your Kicker effortlessly from a distance. This snap on/off remote control features intuitive controls and a clear display, making it easy to navigate and operate.

Magnetic Kill Switch

ThrustMe also offers a magnetic kill switch as one of their electric outboard accessories. Get an added layer of safety by shutting off the electric outboard motor in the event that the operator falls overboard.

Additional Safety Gear

ThrustMe also offers wristbands and safety cords as part of their accessories range. The wristbands are designed to be comfortable for the operator and are connected to the safety cord, which is attached to the kill switch.

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