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Tohatsu Outboard Motors for Sale

Navigator Inflatable Boats is an official distributor of Tohatsu outboard motors in Canada. As one of Tohatsu’s outboard dealers, Navigator offers an outstanding line of the best outboard motors, including Tohatsu 2.5 hp and up to high power motors. That also includes the 115 hp outboards and 15hp outboard for sale for your inflatable motorized boat.

Here you can find Tohatsu outboard reviews and Tohatsu outboard motor prices on “Feel the difference” Portable, “Feel the extreme” Mid-range and Jet Tohatsu outboards for your boating experience.

Best selling model

Tohatsu MFS 115

MFS 115 Provides the best torque at all RPM ranges and allows to change the idle speed from 650 to 850. A low gear ratio gives a better low-end torque and water flushing system, making flushing easier.

Some Tohatsu Technologies


The motors of such technology have a simple structure and are easy to carry, maintain and operate. These engines were designed for “Feel the power” high-quality performance associated, and long service.

LPG Powered

LPG means liquefied petroleum gas. Technology allows quiet operation, easy start, less maintenance on fuel parts and lower pollution.

Battery Less Electronic Fuel Injection

Motors featuring this technology have an electric start system separate from the battery. It makes for a faster motor start, smoother throttle response and better fuel economy.

Water Flushing System

Four-stroke outboard motors, including 9.9 hp and above models, have a comfortable built-in water flush system that simplifies maintenance for these outboards when cleaning dirt, sand, or other garbage from the motor.


Tohatsu Onboard Communication System connects to the other standard electrical devices on board and shares information between them. You can track RPM, Fuel economy, speed, temperature, trim angle and more.

Tohatsu Corporation manufactures some of the most reliable outboard motors today. The company’s priority is to make its motors lightweight and compact without compromising reliability. Tohatsu outboards are not only highly reliable but also very comfortable and easy to operate.

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