Inflatable Boat’s Welding Techniques – How does it work?

navigator inflatable boat's welding techniques

Navigator Boat’s unique welding techniques allow us to join not only sectional seams but also longitudinal ones. It significantly expands the possibilities of our designers while creating new models and allows a higher degree of optimization of vessel shapes and an increase in navigability and safety of the boat. Additionally, this technology makes the seams elastic and solid, making the structure of your dinghy almost stable when fully inflated!

Inflatable Boats are assembled from high-quality Valmex/Plastel boat PVC from Mehler technologies with a density of 750-1000g / m2, ensuring their long-term operation without additional maintenance of the seams.

Our manufacturing unit has a unique welding machine built especially for our needs. It is amongst the first in the inflatable boat industry to master and apply the technology of welding the inter-tube partition into the cylinder body and to reduce the number of the external ring seams located from the dinghy’s stern to its bow. This innovative process allowed us to decrease water resistance upon entry of the dinghy into the gliding mode and increase structural reliability overall.

The Navigator’s innovative welding technique is what sets them apart from other manufacturers. With German PVC at its core, you can be sure that your inflatable boat will last a lifetime.

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