Why are Inflatable Boats from PVC material better than Rubber?

Inflatable Boat from PVC

Rubber Boat

Rubber inflatable boats gained popularity back in the times due to the lack of alternative materials for inflatable water vehicles. It was common to apply a rubber layer on both sides of the nylon mesh fabric. The rubber had sufficient strength and was light in weight — such inflatable boats are constructed from tubes with the gas under high pressure inside. Rubber inflatable boat often goes with a flexible rubber boat flooring but can be varied depending on its length. The bottom has several layers of rigid sheets that aren’t joined together. One of the advantages of some rubber inflatables is that the size of a packed boat is tiny, and the maintenance is quite simple. It is also easy to transport. Some of its features make this tender perfect for outdoor recreation but is it the best choice for inflatable boaters?

Is PVC inflatable boat any Good?

About 30 years ago, the material now known as PVC began to enter the market. He got it thanks to the substance polyvinyl chloride, which is applied in layers to the nylon mesh, creating an elastic and airtight fabric. The low price and simplified technology for producing boats made of PVC material allowed them to almost wholly displacing their rubber counterparts from the market.

A PVC inflatable boat is much more resistant to the mechanical stress of the environment, and this is one of the main conditions for your safety during a water trip. This fabric is coarser and denser, so it is less likely to break on a branch or other sharp object. Modern standards require not only high performance but also stylish design solutions. So, PVC textiles are now available in more than 20 different shades. The density of PVC fabrics can vary, giving customers a more comprehensive range of choices. Even though the rubber fabric is much more compact and better withstands negative temperatures, it is inferior to PVC floating craft in all other characteristics. Moreover, boats made of rubber have additional tapes applied to the seams, which significantly affects the aesthetic component.

When purchasing a watercraft for yourself, it should already be apparent that you should focus on the newer PVC textiles. But the use of this material is not a guarantee of quality. To be sure of the reliability of your floating craft, you should choose trusted manufacturers. So, having purchased a PVC boat from the Navigator company, you will not regret your choice because it will serve you for many years. That’s why its products have been in such high and steady demand among consumers on the market for quite a long time.

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